A Surrey State of Affairs: Excerpt 2

This is the second excerpt from A Surrey State of Affairs, which is published by Pamela Dorman Books.

Wednesday, January 2

A Surrey State of Affairs: Excerpt 2

Forgive me for going on a bit yesterday. I don’t know what got into me. The ease of tip-tapping away on this new Lap-Top must have gone to my head. I haven’t even introduced my­self yet.

My name is Constance Harding. I am wife to Jeffrey, a senior partner at Alpha & Omega; mother to Rupert, a  twenty-five- year- old IT consultant, and to Sophie, a slightly directionless adolescent who will shortly be returning to her  gap-year project counting stickleback at an eco lodge in the Ardèche.

I am currently sitting in my favorite cream  Regency- style chair in the drawing room, typing on the computer that Jeffrey gave me for Christmas and Rupert obligingly set up with the necessary “software.” While I write, I am attempting to peel off a small, obstinate Alpha & Omega sticker, which Jeffrey must have affixed to my gift in an absentminded moment of corporate loyalty.

Our home is a comfortable  five-  bedroom Georgian house located on the outskirts of a pleasant village in Surrey. Our com­munity has a green, a pub called The Plucked Pheasant, a church called St. Mary’s, a florist, a restaurant, and a post office: in short it is quintessentially English, with the exception of the tea shop, which has unfortunately been converted into a  faux-Italian, chrome-furnished café selling biscotti and lattes.

This information will have to suffice for now. I will not be more specific lest rampaging hordes of Internet users trample my snowdrops, smash the French windows, and steal the candle­sticks. Such things occur. I have read about them in the Daily Telegraph.

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  1. corinna says:

    just finished reading your novel

    what a joy

    laughed out loud in the backyard
    no one else around

    great stuff-yourbook and laughter

    hoping you will continue to write novels

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